Who Are the Major Hearing Aid Manufacturers?

One of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, Phonak is a Swiss company known for cutting-edge technology and style. Phonak is owned by Sonova Holding AG who also owns Unitron Hearing. Unitron generally offers the same core technologies as Phonak but with fewer features and at lower prices.
Known for leading and innovative hearing aids, ReSound was the first manufacturer to introduce an open ear hearing aid. ReSound is a Danish company and also owns Beltone and Interton.
One of the world’s largest companies, Siemens offers solid hearing aids with leading BlueTooth applications. Siemens also owns Rexton and provides the technology for Miracle Ear hearing aids.
Sonic Innovations
A relative newcomer, Sonic Innovations has developed some good technology but does not seem to have had any real breakthroughs lately. Sonic Innovations is as US company based in Salt Lake City.
Slowly becoming an employee-owned company, as the founder, William (Bill) Austin moves toward retirement. Though a bit of a late entrant into the more advanced digital hearing aid technologies, Starkey now offers state-of-the-art feedback cancellation and has recently introduced better noise management technologies. Starkey is a US company based in Minneapolis and also owns Audibel, Nu-Ear and Micro-Tech. Starkey is also affiliated with the world's largest hearing aid charity: the Starkey Hearing Foundation which was founded by Bill Austin.
A solid hearing aid manufacturer that sees itself as the "Cadillac" of hearing aid manufacturers.