Hearing a ssssshhhhh with new aids

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I just got a pair of new Phonak Eleva BTEs. I keep on getting this hissing sound (ssshhhhhhhhhh) that gets louder as outside sounds increase. Everything I hear is mixxed with this hissing sound. A regular conversation makes a modest hiss, while street noise makes a louder hiss. Is there an adjustment that could make this less obtrusive, if not fix it altogether? Its is very annoying and I'm wanting to get it fixed so that I can actually try out my hearing aids. I'm on my 4th pair of aids which i've had over the past 16 years. I had this problem once before with a pair of new HAs but I can't remember how it was fixed. If you could remember for me, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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My suggestion is go to you audi to try to reduce some of the extra high freq above 4.5 kHz. Depending on your loss, they are often not as necessary for speech recognition and from your description it sounds as if they are too strong.