Used Hearing Aids

Do you wonder why hearing aids are so expensive, yet have almost no value when you try to sell them back to the dealer?

Even though hearing aids are very expensive, used hearing aids have almost no value to a dealer. The reason is that most of what you pay for when you buy hearing aids is the professional service that accompanies the hearing aid.

A person considering buying used hearing aids usually wants a large discount from the "new" price. This means that a dealer can't pay very much money (if anything at all) to buy used hearing aids.

Here is your solution: You can sell your used hearing aids that are in good condition directly to another person that needs hearing aids, but doesn't want to spend full price for new hearing aids. The buyer can then take the hearing aids to a reputable dealer and pay for appointments as needed, saving hundreds of dollars.

You make money on your used hearing aids and you help someone save money!

And we will help make the transaction safe and smooth for both of you!